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West Virginia has nearly 150,000 people in the state who are abusing or dependent on alcohol and other drugs. A little more than ten percent of those people are able to make it into some form of rehabilitation program to try and change their destructive behaviors.

This part of the country has been hit particularly hard over the past decade or so by prescription painkillers, as well as other parts of Appalachia, which is why the term “hillbilly heroin” came about referring to OxyContin. Even though the use of that drug specifically has decreased, painkillers and now heroin are causing a record number of overdose deaths.

The best way to help prevent such tragedies from happening is for friends and family members to step in and work with an intervention specialist. These professionals are able to help you get your loved one to agree to accept help and go into treatment. Take a look the local intervention resources available for West Virginia, or contact us to speak with a counselor right away.

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