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Unlike most intervention companies, Family First Intervention has a full staff, including several experienced professional interventionists. Our team comes from many different backgrounds, and together we have a firm grasp on how various forms of drug and alcohol abuse impact the family dynamic.

We believe that not every client will be a perfect match for each intervention counselor. Therefore, we do our homework early on to understand your family better and then assign you an intervention counselor whose strengths and background best relate to your family’s situation. Our intervention counselors operate in all 50 states, and our group has been going strong since 2008.

The leading staff members and intervention counselors who make up Family First Intervention are as follows:

Mike Loverde

President & Founder

Mike Loverde’s Personal Take

Is an addiction intervention counselor necessary when the family thinks they can do the intervention themselves? As the president and founder of Family First Intervention, Inc., I went to 19 treatment centers willingly because my family did their own intervention and established several rules on which they never followed through.

Every time I went to treatment, I never went for myself, and it never had to work. Frustrated, my family found an addiction intervention specialist. Not only did the intervention counselor obtain my willingness to accept help, he also changed our family system to make me accountable and responsible, allowing me to own the addiction for the first time in my life.

Because of this, I have been clean and sober, and I now perform the same type of intervention that saved my life and my family’s sanity. Families can often talk their loved one into a treatment center. However, rarely do they get them to stay in treatment and remain sober.

Bringing in an addiction intervention counselor greatly increases the long-term likelihood of your loved one remaining sober, as well as the family healing and getting better, too. When families try to do the intervention themselves, they are missing the entire first part of what an intervention is about: changing the family system that has been broken down by the loved one’s addiction.

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