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California Addiction Intervention Facts & Resources

California has an overwhelming number of people who are currently abusing or dependent on alcohol or other drugs. More than 3 million are in need of some form of treatment to stop the destructive cycle toward addiction and all that it brings, yet only about 270,000 receive rehabilitation services the previous year.

There are many ways that friends, family members and society at large intervene on substance abusers in California to help protect themselves and others around them. The most successful way is to work with a professional interventionist.

California is known for many things, and in the recovery community it includes having some of the best treatment centers and detox programs available. At InterventionHelpline, we work with individuals and families all over the state of California to help you locate the rehabilitation resources you need.

We have compiled a large list of resources for you including many professional interventionists. If you have any questions, you can always call us to speak with a treatment and intervention specialist who can help provide more information and assist you with effective options in California.

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