November 20, 2018
Is Thanksgiving a Good Time to Do a Family Intervention
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Is Thanksgiving a Good Time to Do a Family Intervention?

Many families may be reeling from the effects of a relative’s addiction during Thanksgiving. The decision to host an intervention is a big one for any family; this event is the time when friends and family come together to encourage a struggling loved one to enter substance abuse treatment. Some may think that an intervention would ruin the spirit of the holidays or put a damper on holiday celebrations, while others may see Thanksgiving as a great time for a family to come together with an overwhelming display of support for a struggling loved one.

How To Stage An Intervention Over The Holidays

Believe it or not, it may be possible to enjoy the holiday with your family and have a wonderful celebration while hosting a meaningful, valuable intervention for a loved one with an addiction. Planning is essential. Attempting to pull off an effective intervention off the cuff without any professional assistance or preparation can have disastrous consequences. The person with the addiction may feel targeted, go on the defensive, or progress deeper into addiction in response.

Professionally Guided Interventions

A professional interventionist can work closely with a family to plan and execute a constructive intervention over any holiday gathering. An addiction can bring out serious issues within a family, and some family members may suffer financial, emotional, and even physical harm from a loved one with an addiction. These relatives will need to be able to air their issues honestly and encourage the person with the addiction to take responsibility for his or her actions.

Family tensions can quickly escalate into heated arguments, resentments, and dredging up past traumas. A professional interventionist can help the family plan for an intervention and discuss the topics that mean the most to them and help them articulate their thoughts constructively instead of throwing blame and accusations.

Rehearsing For A Holiday Intervention

Is Thanksgiving a Good Time to Do a Family Intervention - Intervention HelplineMajor holidays could mean relatives visiting from other parts of the country. Some may not know about a relative’s addiction or may not realize the severity of the issue. If you plan to host an intervention while your extended family is visiting, make sure they want to be a part of it and make your intentions clear before people start traveling. A professional interventionist can help coordinate with family members so they know what to expect from the intervention.

The goal of any intervention is to show a person with an addiction the effects that addiction has had on his or her friends and family. The people who participate in an intervention should use this opportunity to constructively discuss things the person with the addiction has done due to his or her habit. Common issues that arise among family members may include:

  • Breaking promises or failing to fulfill obligations to the family
  • Stealing money or personal valuables to pay for drugs
  • Neglecting personal bills and relying on family members for everyday living expenses
  • Neglecting parental responsibilities
  • Past assaults, sexual assaults, disagreements, fights, and other clashes among family members

These are just a few examples of issues that could cause emotions to run hot during a family gathering. If you plan to host a Thanksgiving intervention for a family member, a professional interventionist can help you and your loved ones address these issues in meaningful and constructive ways. Ultimately, the family needs to show the person with the addiction support and encourage him or her to enter addiction treatment.

Are The Holidays The Right Time For An Intervention?

The answer to this question can vary from family to family. Some families may feel the need to take precautions for a family member with a substance abuse problem. For example, if a relative has a serious drinking problem, the hosts may remove all the alcohol from the house and not serve any with the holiday meal. If a family member has stolen valuables or cash in the past to pay for drugs, the hosts should lock away any potential theft targets.

If you are hosting a Thanksgiving gathering and feel the need to take precautions because of a loved one’s addiction, why not take the opportunity to address the issue honestly with the rest of the family? Contacting a professional interventionist can help with this, but it’s important to allow enough time to prepare.

Executing A Holiday Intervention

If you plan to host an intervention over Thanksgiving, make sure there is time for celebration as well. Make sure your loved one knows he or she has love and support from the family and let the conversation start naturally. A professional interventionist can provide recommendations for timing the intervention. In most cases, you may not want to start the conversation at the dinner table, but you can still have a meaningful intervention after everyone has eaten, or make Thanksgiving dinner with the family the celebration for a loved one agreeing to enter treatment.

Call Professional Help For Your Loved One

Family plays an essential role in the addiction recovery process. Intervention Helpline believes encouraging family members to take active roles in a loved one’s recovery improves the chances he or she will reach lifelong sobriety. A professional intervention can be a great start to the recovery process, and Thanksgiving could be the perfect time for an intervention for some families.

Ask our professional interventionist if a holiday intervention could be helpful for your struggling loved one. People struggling with substance abuse should be thankful for the friends and family who support them through these difficult times and encourage them to lead healthier lives. “Winging it” won’t cut it. It’s important to carefully plan and rehearse an intervention over the holidays to minimize the risk of arguments or explosive tensions, and Intervention Helpline offers extensive intervention support services.

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