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Connecticut Addiction Intervention Facts & Resources

Approximately 35,000 substance abusers in Connecticut get enrolled into some form of treatment each year. While initially that may sound encouraging that so many people are getting help, the flip side to that is that there are closer to 300,000 people who are abusing or dependent on alcohol or drugs each year in the state.

InterventionHelpline is here to assist you in finding the treatment and intervention resources you need to get help for your loved one. From local interventionists in Connecticut to national providers, our goal is to provide the most comprehensive information for drug and alcohol intervention services.

The truth is that addiction is not a sustainable behavior in Connecticut or anywhere else, and life will somehow find a way to intervene. The best way to prevent other tragic forms of intervention, find out what it takes to have a professional interventionist help you get your loved one into treatment and help the whole family begin to heal.

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