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Intervention Counselors for Addiction in North Carolina

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Resources & Facts for North Carolina Addiction Intervention

North Carolina has just over 60,000 people enter treatment programs each year for a drug or alcohol problem. Through state and federal mandates and priority shifts, more people are able to gain access to rehabilitation centers than ever before. Despite this, the numbers of people receiving treatment has not substantially increased.

One of the biggest barriers to getting a loved one into treatment is figuring out how to get them to agree to get help. In order for this to occur, some form of intervention needs to take place. Rather than waiting for the North Carolina criminal justice system to do the intervention, it is much more successful to use an intervention specialist.

There are about 730,000 people in North Carolina who have substance use disorders by either abusing or becoming dependent on alcohol or other drugs. If you have a friend or family member in this situation, take a moment to review the local resources here and other information on this site, or contact us to speak with a treatment and intervention counselor now.

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