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Intervention Counselors for Addiction in Rhode Island

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Resources & Facts for Rhode Island Addiction Intervention

Despite being the smallest state in the country, There are still 100,000 people in Rhode Island who are battling substance abuse problems. Although the state does have a higher percentage of those people entering into treatment programs, it is still only a fraction overall. Additionally, of the 13,000 or so people in Rhode Island who do enroll in a rehab program, most of them are unable to get into a residential program.

The most effective way of getting help for someone with a drug or alcohol problem in Rhode Island is through an intervention, especially if there is a professional involved. Not only do intervention specialists have a high rate of success for getting people into treatment, but using a service like this helps avoid facing more legal problems and other, more tragic, circumstances of being an addict.

If you have a loved one in Rhode Island in need of treatment, take some time to review the information and local resources available here. You can also speak with a treatment and intervention counselor for additional assistance by calling our toll-free number now.

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