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Intervention Counselors for Addiction in Nebraska

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Resources & Facts for Nebraska Addiction Intervention

The percentage of people in Nebraska displaying substance use disorders is noticeably lower in Nebraska compared to the national average, but then again so is the number of people getting help. Recent surveys show that there are a little more than 150,000 people in the state who are abusing or dependent on alcohol or other drugs, but just 12,000 wind up going to any type of treatment program.

Oftentimes friends and family members become unsure about how to get help for their loved ones in Nebraska who are struggling with a drug or alcohol problem, and aren’t prepared to do an intervention effectively. We see this as a recurring theme across the country and is why we have compiled the information and resources that are here on this site.

Using the services of a professional interventionist is probably the most successful way to get your loved one to go to a rehab center. Take a moment to review some local resources in Nebraska here or contact us to speak with a treatment and intervention counselor.

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