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Michigan Addiction Intervention Facts & Resources

More than 85,000 people in Michigan each year seek treatment for drug or alcohol problems. Unfortunately, it represents only a fraction of the total number of people in the state who are dealing with substance abuse issues.

There are over 500,000 people in Michigan who have an alcohol problem, and another 200,000 who are abusing or dependent on other drugs. Heroin and painkillers continue to be a serious part of the addiction landscape in Michigan, and too many people in the state are being led to daily drug replacement therapy as their primary form of treatment.

We believe there are better ways to help people recover, and the first step in doing so is often an intervention. Working with a professional interventionists provides the best chances in getting a loved one into treatment and to help the friends and family members gain better perspective on the situation. Take a look at the local resources we have here, or call us today to speak with an experienced treatment and intervention counselor to get more information.

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