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Facts & Resources About Addiction Intervention in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is another state that has been plagued by the opiate epidemic, and there are about 120,000 people with substance abuse problems overall. Unfortunately, most of these people either don’t get the help they need or are relegated to outpatient care that isn’t as effective. Overall, slightly more than ten percent of the total people with substance use disorders enroll in treatment.

Overdose rates from prescription painkillers and heroin addiction have been steadily increasing in New Hampshire, and there has never been a greater need for effective treatment and intervention practices. The greater availability and use of naloxone can help prevent more overdoses from occurring, and it should also help make more transitions of people into treatment centers.

Since most addicts do not instinctively seek treatment, it takes some form of intervention for them to alter their destructive ways. Using an intervention specialist is the best method to ensure this happens and that they get into a rehab center so they can begin their long road to recovery. Check out the list of local resources here or call us for more information and recommendations.

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