April 12, 2023

Shahar Engbring

Shahar Engbring was raised in Arad, a small town in the south of Israel. She served in the Israeli armed forces as a front-line officer and, following a promotion, was able to pursue her passion for social work in the Magav, a border guard unit. In this position, her responsibilities included caring for the psychological and social needs of soldiers and their families. Inspired by this work, Shahar continued her education in the United States. She then spent several years in the jewelry industry before returning to her passion for helping others. Shahar has seen the consequences of substance use within her family, which provided her with the experience and the knowledge to help families navigate the difficult journey of recovery.

Shahar loves to spend her free time with her husband and their two dogs. She enjoys the outdoors, camping, hiking, traveling, and working out.

Mike Loverde

Mike Loverde is a Certified Intervention Professional with more than 10 years of experience, and he is the founder and president of Intervention Helpline. He believes in taking a family-first approach to every intervention, and he created Intervention Helpline with the primary purpose of saving each family’s loved one before it is too late.

Furthermore, he is the primary writer for the Intervention Helpline Blog. He is always eager to share his insight and expertise on interventions, addiction treatment programs, rehab insurance coverage, relapse prevention and many other related topics.

Read the latest blog articles from the desk of Mike Loverde here, and don’t hesitate to contact if you have any questions or need intervention help now.

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